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Top Stories

  • City of Tipton, Iowa becomes NewCom's newest user of NewCom's SeeCIty and CMS software and services
    July 3rd, 2012

    The City of Tipton, Iowa provides water/wastewater and  electric services to their community. With NewCom’s SeeCity, Tipton has moved to the next generation of facility management.


    The City also has a cemetery which it has recently taken stewardship from the township and they will use NewCom's CMS ( Cemetery Management System ) to manage the recording keeping functions.  

  • City of Algona, Iowa completed installation of NewCom's SeeCity GIS software
    July  26, 2011

    The City of Algona and Algona Municipal Utilities have jointly installed NewCom’s SeeCity to provide state-of-the-art GIS services for their many departments. Their uses of SeeCity include management of Zoning, Streets, Storm water, Wastewater, Electric, Water, Communications and Cemeteries. With NewCom’s SeeCity, it takes Algona only a few minutes or generally less time to produce a proposed zoning map, an inventory count of network fiber nodes, the road surface needed for a bid, or any other map or report that is needed for the daily operation of a city.


  • City of Spencer, Iowa becomes NewCom's newest user of its SeeCity GIS software
    February 9, 2011

    SMU Spencer Municipal Utilities provides Water, Electric, and Communications services for Spencer, Iowa, and the surrounding area. With NewCom’s SeeCity, SMU can quickly update GIS maps for new subdivisions to include all the related utilities. Also with a click on the computer screen, all valves are identified that are required to shut off water to an area for routine maintenance or emergency repair


  • City of Norwalk, Iowa becomes NewCom's newest user of its SeeCity GIS software
    May 6, 2010

    The City of Norwalk  wanted a complete inventory of its infrastructure in a GIS geodatabase to more easily manage all utility networks.  With a customized SeeCity GIS database and Utility Mapping System, this community of more than 9,000 (and growing), now has a state-of-the-art management tool. Also included in the SeeCity applications feature set were Document Manager, Notification Manager, and Water Pipe Isolation. With SeeCity Document Manager, personnel have click access to documents, photos, videos, and other files that are associated to digitized components of the GIS.


  • City of Onawa, Iowa becomes one of NewCom's newest user of its SeeCity GIS software
    May 3, 2010

    City of Onawa asked for a GIS database of the electric, water, and wastewater utilities. Water and electric meter data was also included in the SeeCity database.  NewCom also prepared a storm sewer and sidewalk layer for future use by city crews to enter data from the field. A complete electrical network , the final component of the City's extensive GIS is now installed allowing the municipal electric division to manage this infrastructure as well.

  • City of Ventura, Iowa becomes NewCom user of its SeeCity GIS software
    February 17, 2010
    The  City of Ventura became NewCom's newest user of it SeeCity GIS software.  NewCom provided the City with GIS services by moving its paper based maps and City facility records into a Geographic Information System.  Ventura was also provided with GIS features to support their zoning, FEMA flood zones and land use planning. The SeeCity GIS application will allow the City to manage their facility records in GIS and provide other function tools to aid in day-to-day city operations. In addition, NewCom's Document Manager, a component of SeeCity, was installed to allow the City to quickly access digitized plats and sewer videos directly through the map interface.  Eventually the City plans to manage all its property related and miscellaneous documents through NewCom's Document Manager. 
  • St. Mary's Parish - Wisconsin
    January 29, 2010
    St. Mary's Parish has selected NewCom to provide its GIS based Cemetery Management System.  The Parish has two active cemeteries, St. Mary's and St. Marten's which are located in River Falls, Wisconsin.  The installation is expected to be completed in March 2010. 
  • NewCom Announces New Release of its CMS ( Cemetery Management Software)
    January 27, 2010
    NewCom will be providing current clients the latest version of its CMS solution.  Improvements have been implemented to improve the client interfaces.  This new release , version 9.3.567 supports multiple cemeteries managed through a singular GIS map interface, as well as changes to improve data entry efficiency and accuracy.
  • NewCom welcomes the City of Lorenzo Texas to its CMS user list
    October 22, 2009
    The City of Lorenzo, Texas is NewCom's newest user of its Cemetery Management Software. The City selected NewCom to convert its paper maps of its cemetery to a GIS based mapping system.  In addition, the City's records were imported from an Excel format which was used to record interments and burial space availability.
  • NewCom welcomes Temple Beth El, Neptune, New Jersey to its CMS user list
    May 14, 2009
    The Jewish congregation of Temple Beth El located in Neptune, NJ has selected NewCom CMS to manage its cemetery. The project reconstructed the cemetery's records from a combination of paper map archives and excel spread sheets.
  • Bunceton Masonic Cemetery, Bunceton, MO is added to the NewCom CMS user community....
    March 6, 2009
    The Cemetery Board was looking to capture their many years of knowledge and cemetery record keeping that was transposed in 1920 on the back of a 50lb feed sack.  The Board has been actively looking for their successors and felt the need to automate the records was important.  NewCom assisted with developing a base map of the cemetery and entered their ownership and interment paper record data into a geo-database.  The Board was ecstatic about their investment into the future.  Bunceton Masonic Cemetery has been using the system since March 2009.
  • NewCom Welcomes the City of Baldwin City, Kansas to the CMS user community....
    February  2009
    The  City acquired an existing private cemetery within the City limits in January 2009.  The City Staff had minimal experience in managing cemetery operations, and partnered with NewCom Technologies to assist in creating a map based cemetery record management system.  The existing records were entered into a spreadsheet and many of the records needed validation. The City staff spent time walking the cemetery to validate and NewCom converted the records into a geo database along with developing a geo reference able map of the cemetery plots. The City has been able to improve the cemetery record management and the overall experience of the patrons.
  • Siva Chinniah joins NewCom as Vice President of Technology Development
    November 9, 2008
    In this role, Siva will oversee the development of NewCom's GIS applications and services.  Siva will develop the road map of the GIS products supporting; desktop, enterprise server and mobile solutions 
  • NewCom Hires National Sales Vice President
    February 4, 2008
    Jeff Doty has joined NewCom as VP, National Sales.  In this role, Jeff will focus on sales and customer support for NewCom's GIS products and services on a nationwide distribution basis.
  • The Prometheus Awards
    January 21,2008
    NewCom Technologies, Inc. has been named as one of 3 finalist in the Technology Association of Iowa's 2008 Prometheus Awards. This program is jointly presented by the Iowa Department of Economic Development.

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