Addendum #1: Released 5-27-2020


I. Clarification of bid based on an attendee question from pre-bid teleconference regarding responding to both Alternatives.

It is important to note that Vendors need to provide pricing for either Alternative 1: Traditional Hardware Implementation or  Alternative 2: Virtual SDN Base Implementation.  If a vendor has products to support both alternatives, they should provide an alternative that is the best solution for the project.


II. Response to written question received May 27, 2020:

Does the City of Pella want to avoid service disruptions to those that are in the Pilot Phase when the city is ready to transition to Phase 1 deployment? In other words, does the city want 1 OLT “to grow” from Pilot Phase to Phase 1 and beyond?


We intend to grow the equipment from the pilot hardware established.  We expect the primary difference in the requirements for pilot versus 2021 deployment should be that ONTs/RG were not required to have Wi-Fi 6 but will defer to the bidders to provide additional recommendations as needed.

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